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Our Services

St Marie's are a vibrant and welcoming church community that hold regular masses on Sundays and throughout the week as well as confessions. We also have services for all Sacraments, click on the button for more information.

If you would like to contact St Marie's for more information about any of our Church Services please call us on:01788 542703


Wedding Rings


St. Marie’s is a beautiful, historic, centrally located church, with advisers who have several years’ experience in creating the perfect wedding day. Weddings at St. Marie’s can take place any day, from Tuesdays through to Saturdays.

Your first point of contact should be with our Wedding Co-ordinator, June Hargadon, who will check available dates with you.

She will be very happy to meet you and offer you support and advice as you make your journey towards your special day.


To baptise a baby or young child, at least one of the parents must be practicing Roman Catholic and a Godparent must be practising Catholic.
Baptisms usually take place on Sundays (the day we celebrate the Resurection of Jesus).
To book a Baptism please contact the parish office.

If you need any assistance please contact the Parish Office on 01788 542 703

Baby Baptism Ceremony
Priest Celebrating Communion

First Holy Communion

Application date will be annouced in the Newsletter.

Special classes are provided at St Marie’s Junior School. Parish children will also be prepared for their first Confession, and will need to have been baptised.

If your child is not attending St. Marie’s School, please contact the Parish Office to reserve a place on the St Marie’s Parish First Holy Communion Course. 



Anyone who has already been baptised should receive the sacrament of Confirmation. If you have not been baptised, please see our Baptism section for more information.

Special Confirmation classes are provided at St Marie’s Junior School for Year 6 pupils. If your child is not attending St Marie’s Junior School, please contact St Marie’s Parish Office as soon as possible to reserve a place on the parish Confirmation course.
The start of classes will be announced in the newsletter.

Separate classes are held for teenagers and adults by arrangement with the parish priest.

The start of classes in the Parish will be announced in the newsletter.

Angel statue


We will offer practical and spiritual help in planning the funeral of a loved one.

We will help you to choose:

  • the right kind of service.

  • hymns, readings, music and flowers.

  • burial or cremation.

  • a Funeral Director.

Each year, we remember those that have recently died by gathering for a very special and prayerful Rememberance Mass in church to which all the bereaved will be invited.

Also, each week, during Sunday Mass and in our newsletter, we remember the anniversaries of those who have died.

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